Drop the Line (World Revolution)

from by Matt Jenson and the Liquid Revolution

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Power to the people, can we occupy
Power to the eco, can we drop the line
Power to the rest of us, make it better
Power to the people, occupy your mind!

1. The profit system has imposed on us a logic of endless growth while disrespecting Mother earth, by transforming nearly everything into commodities. Our economy has been systematically depleting resources and life forms as those few who are on the receiving end of concentrated wealth force the world down a path utterly in denial of the fact that what we call growth is mostly waste and it can no longer be taken for granted that the planet’s eco-systems can sustain future generations.

2. Occupy! History has proven that real change will never come from the top, and now it’s clear that bail-outs and misguided “free market solutions” are like trying to put out a fire with more fire. Only a united movement, consisting of an awakened population, rooted completely outside of the establishment, powered by the force of quiet truth, soul force, will usher in a new reality where meaning is no longer determined by material gain and the monetary bottom line.

Naomi Klein (Capitalism vs. the Climate)
Howard Zinn (A People’s History of the US)
Fred Magdoff and John Bellamy Foster (What every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism)
Noam Chomsky (Occupy)
Richard Wolf (Democracy at Work - a Cure for Capitalism)
Francis Moore Lappe (Eco Mind)
Cornell West & Tavis Smiley (The Rich and the Rest of Us)
Bill McKibben (The Global Warming Reader)
Paul Gilding (The Great Disruption)
Michael Moore (Capitalism, a Love Story)
Amy Goodman (Democracy Now)
Yes Magazine
Adbusters Magazine
The Nation Magazine
Martin Luther King
Mohandas Ghandi
Fela Kuti
John Lennon
Bob Dylan and Bob Marley!

3. People! The outcome of this transition we face can be a beautiful higher order existence!
A socio-economic system that is democratic, egalitarian, and based on respect means that we will enjoy simpler, longer and happier lives. Living sustainably, in harmony with the laws of nature and free from the profit-only system, will lead to energy and food security on a planet with replenished biodiversity and much richer social and cultural interconnectedness.

The only solution is WORLD REVOLUTION.


from Dragonfly Taxi, track released January 1, 2013



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Matt Jenson and the Liquid Revolution Boston, Massachusetts

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