Dragonfly Taxi

by The Liquid Revolution

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Must Be Free 04:04
Iiiiiiii, must be free (ooh, oh oh oh) Iiiiiiii, must be free (ooh, oh oh oh) How can we be free When it’s so hard to create who we wanna be How can we be free When we are chained to someone else's prosperity What does it mean for you to be free? Iiiiiiii, must be free (ooh, oh oh oh) Iiiiiiii, must be free (ooh, oh oh oh) Cannot carry out our responsibility To create our true identity Under the heel of this economic slavery Only some of us can really see How long will it take for you to be free? Iiiiiiii, must be free (ooh, oh oh oh) Iiiiiiii, must be free (ooh, oh oh oh) (Repeat) I want real freedom We can see through your misconception of it Must be free, must be free, must be free, yeaa-ay C’mon you just, you just kill our dreams We carry the soul of alternative global thinking And no longer will live… under the heel of your economic slavery Iiiiiiiiii, must be free, free, free, free…hey yea
Power to the people, can we occupy Power to the eco, can we drop the line Power to the rest of us, make it better Power to the people, occupy your mind! 1. The profit system has imposed on us a logic of endless growth while disrespecting Mother earth, by transforming nearly everything into commodities. Our economy has been systematically depleting resources and life forms as those few who are on the receiving end of concentrated wealth force the world down a path utterly in denial of the fact that what we call growth is mostly waste and it can no longer be taken for granted that the planet’s eco-systems can sustain future generations. 2. Occupy! History has proven that real change will never come from the top, and now it’s clear that bail-outs and misguided “free market solutions” are like trying to put out a fire with more fire. Only a united movement, consisting of an awakened population, rooted completely outside of the establishment, powered by the force of quiet truth, soul force, will usher in a new reality where meaning is no longer determined by material gain and the monetary bottom line. Naomi Klein (Capitalism vs. the Climate) Howard Zinn (A People’s History of the US) Fred Magdoff and John Bellamy Foster (What every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism) Noam Chomsky (Occupy) Richard Wolf (Democracy at Work - a Cure for Capitalism) Francis Moore Lappe (Eco Mind) Cornell West & Tavis Smiley (The Rich and the Rest of Us) Bill McKibben (The Global Warming Reader) Paul Gilding (The Great Disruption) Michael Moore (Capitalism, a Love Story) Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) Yes Magazine Adbusters Magazine The Nation Magazine Martin Luther King Mohandas Ghandi Fela Kuti John Lennon Bob Dylan and Bob Marley! 3. People! The outcome of this transition we face can be a beautiful higher order existence! A socio-economic system that is democratic, egalitarian, and based on respect means that we will enjoy simpler, longer and happier lives. Living sustainably, in harmony with the laws of nature and free from the profit-only system, will lead to energy and food security on a planet with replenished biodiversity and much richer social and cultural interconnectedness. The only solution is WORLD REVOLUTION.
GPI 00:58
All you do is move your stuff from place to place With your neighbors, try to keep the pace What a disgrace, it’s a crazy chase At the end of the day, a bunch of waste MATERIAL SHUFFLE Every day, well, you’re on the case Running around in a crazy race Can’t even make, first base What do, play the bass MATERIAL SHUFFLLLLLLLE Yes we can 15 Minutes could save you 15% or more Just do it. ha, I’m lovin’ it. A diamond is forever. There are some that things money shouldn’t buy. And for everything else there’s…. think different. More, more, more!! - CHORUS - You deserve a break today Save money. Live better. Low prices, every day Put a tiger in your tank (Fingerlicking good) Can you hear me now Like a rock, good to the last drop But please don’t squeeze the….beef (I want my Wheaties) - SOLO - IT’S A SHUFFLLLLLE Like a good neighbor (m’m, m’m good) We try harder Discover. Ink. Sapphire. Slate. Freedom. (Tastes great, less filling) Betcha ya can’t eat just one When it absolutely, positively, has to be there…gentlemen, this is (vodka) THE SHUFFLE THE MATERIAL SHUFFLE (repeat) It’s a shuffle cannot keep the pace It’s a chace a bunch of waste It’s a shuffle, it’s a shuffle. Every day, Every day….aaa ooohh…..
Less is Best 00:50
Dub Jumper 05:11
4 Day Week 00:38
Izza Killa 04:12
BeCycle 00:49
You know I really really love you And I’d really like to hold your hand Again and again And in the evening when the moon shines And in the morning when the sun rises again Again, again and again Well some time ago You came into my view With your blue sky smile And I knew It was you-oo-oo I spent years underground Rumaging through the lost and found Of my troubled heart Couldn’t even paint a stroke of art Aa, aah, ooo I heard a song on the radio Talking about some kind of Higher Love Hidden deep in your soul And in the heavens above Think about it Like a strong wind on a flame I wanna share that higher plane But you could not see me I fear my search is in vain Oh no the pain (CHORUS) Oh baby I’m calling I’m waiting for your reply talk to me, talk to me now I wanna cook you dinner, fix your bicycle Walk with you side by side walk with me, walk with me now I’ll wait here in silence But screaming tears inside Please, please, please! The kind of love I see Is not just about you and me, oh no A wild flower shows us how to be, in this world wonderful world And now my stroke of art Has touched the singing heart Can it be, yea (yes it can) And now I’m happy happy happy happy happy happy all the time.
Trickle Down 00:56
Sure 01:55
Well, I’m looking for that Dragonfly Taxi That Jimi rode back in ‘67 I bet she could turn on less than a dime How about a nickel? What do you think she took for a fare Technicolor air? Something about the trip back then Really seemed to get you somewhere 2X Dragonfly Taxi – sky Dragonfly please tell me why Her wings are baby’s breath stained glass And her seats will tell the truth of you But this box you’ve been trying to think your way our of Has poisoned the morning dew Supersonic sound is how she gets around Eyes crazy with bloodshot love And the billboard on her trunk reads: “Not for money, no way!!” 2X Dragonfly Taxi – sky Dragonfly please tell me why Lost on a street corner planet You are miles from reality Hail her, but she won’t pull over Too long now you’ve made her cry your tears She leaves a streak of green, purple, blue light And last I heard Though you might not think it’s right, She was dancing with the cotton candy clouds 2X Dragonfly Taxi – sky Dragonfly please tell me why Well, it took 30 years later I found that sad lady Buried under a cross, a flag, a dollar bill and a gun Somewhere inside of me and you Hang on if you can sweet darling Cuz that burnin’ drag you feel every day Let me say, “Ms. Dragonfly Taxi,” Man, she’s GOING to have her way!
Nag Champa 05:08
Tax Breaks 00:45
Liquid Shiva 05:24
I am Liquid Shiva Gathering dance steps of liberation I am melting sunlight Gathering devotion from eternity I am breathing earthlight Gathering wet soil from the core And of course I want you to know I’m a rainbow too………… Who see’s me Without pride or delusion Shall be free from both joy and suffering MY BRILLIANCE! I love you………… I am liquid moonlight Gathering ripples by the sea You are mind and body Disciplined, poised and sure Born to a path of sacred duty You are lucid action And of course I want you to know That YOU’RE a rainbow too………. [CHORUS] I am liquid Shiva Dancing ‘pon the head of Maya My profound words of freedom Are feathers upon the breeze Not even sweetest nectar Could now take you away from me And of course I want you to know That I adore you so……….


Matt Jenson and the Liquid Revolution is a powerful 5-7 piece band built on a foundation of rock-solid-reggae-GROOVE with tight vocal harmonies and inspired blues-rock soloing. Joining Reggae’s long mission of revolutionary consciousness-raising, the Liquid Revolution band expresses the cry of alternative global thinking in this era of climate change and extreme economic injustice. Not only do Matt’s poetically insightful songs strike at the heart of these issues, but his tunes about joyful expressions of love, spirituality and the lessons to be learned from simple stories of every day life all offer a vision for a bright future.


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Interview with Matt and video of the song Again and Again: www.youtube.com/mattjensonmusic


released January 1, 2013

Matt Jenson - keyboards, lead and backing vocals, percussions, Nayabinghi drums
Sean Skeete - drums
Winston Maccow - bass
Tuff Lion - lead and rhythm guitar
Thaddeus Hogarth - lead and rhythm guitar
Angel Gittens - backing vocals
Ingrid Andress - backing vocals
Matt Langley - tenor sax
Scott Flynn - trombone
Yaure Muniz - trumpet
Maroghini - Nayabinghi and tabla drums
Manolo Mairena - bata drums on War
Roger Steffens - spoken word on Drop the Line
Kudisan Kai - backing vocals on Liquid Shiva


all rights reserved



The Liquid Revolution Boston, Massachusetts

Matt Jenson - keyboardist, singer, composer, arranger, musical rabble rowser, educator, performer. www.mattjenson.com

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